Welcome to Southern Hancock! We are excited you are interested in becoming a part of our school family!

Please read below for important information about registering for the upcoming school year. 

Returning Families:

(This includes any family who attended Southern Hancock in 2019-20. This also applies to any new family for 2020-21 who HAS already completed a pre-registration form. This includes any incoming Kindergarten family, new move-in family within district boundaries, or new out of district family who has already been approved. If you have NOT completed a pre-registration form, see below.)

All families who fall into one of four categories above should log in to their PowerSchool Parent Portal to complete registration for 2020-21. Once logged in, click the button on the left side that says “Forms.” Click here for information on how to create a Parent Portal account if you don’t have one.

During the registration process, families must choose whether they intend to return their child to school in-person or enroll in the virtual option. Parents must make this choice by Friday, July 17. If a parent does not complete registration by July 17, it will be assumed they are returning to school in-person. The district’s blueprint for reentry contains information about the virtual option and how it differs from the spring E-Learning period. 

If you were enrolled in Southern Hancock prior to 2019-20, left the school corporation, and are returning for 2020-21, please contact your school’s front office.

If a family chooses not to enroll in either option and withdraw from the school corporation, they should contact their school’s front office.

Please note that it is standard district practice for children who have attended a non-accredited school (for example, an online charter school, homeschool, or other private institution) to be assessed for grade-level competencies when they attempt to enroll or re-enroll at Southern Hancock. Students will be placed in a grade level according to how they perform on this assessment. The school reserves the right to place students in specific grades and classrooms based on these assessments.


Fees will be paid through SchoolPay during the registration process. CSCSHC will waive the SchoolPay convenience fees for all families who pay their fees in full before July 17. Fees will apply to virtual families based on their specific grade level. 

Families new to the district who have NOT completed a pre-registration form:

(This includes incoming Kindergarten families, move-in families who still need to enroll, or out of district families who have been approved but have not completed a form.)

This link will take you to a pre-registration form to complete your initial enrollment. Once complete, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to complete the registration process as described above.

Out of District Families:

CSCSHC is closed to out of district students for 2020-21 at this time.